Productivity Portfolio: ASAP Utilities Provides Excel Users Power and Flexibility

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I'm proud to mention ASAP Utilities has been reviewed by Productivity Portfolio. A website about productivity and how to use certain tools. ASAP Utilities Provides Excel Users Power and Flexibility Excel is one of the pillars of Microsoft Office. Despite being feature-rich, there are some tasks that are either cumbersome to perform or are buried […]

Round up formulas with =ROUND()

I just got a call from a friend of mine. He needed to edit a spreadsheet and round a bunch of formulas. Since the rounding is important for the calculations, a simple cell-formatting wouldn't do. Excel's worksheet function =ROUND() can be used to round the numbers. However editing a lot of cells by hand (especially […]

Create multiple worksheet copies

Just got a question from Denice, US: Is there a way ASAP can take one worksheet and make multiple copies of it. I formatted one sheet and would like to make a lot of copies at once without doing the right click add or make copy. Does it already do this and I missed it. […]