From beta to final version?

Today I have released a new beta version, 3.11.u (30 march 2006). The major change here is the new improved progress indicators. Furthermore I have fixed a bug in the "Unprotect sheets" functions. (popup for password if it didn't match). Please let me know if you think this version good enhough to become the official […]

New progress indicators

old progress indicator

Something that has bothered me a long time is the way the progress of the utilities in ASAP Utilities is indicated. In most cases I used the statusbar to do this but I found out not everybody always sees that. In the new beta version I published today (3.11.t beta) I have used a new […]

ASAP Utilities 3.11 beta 28 march released

advanced sorting

Today I have released version 3.11.t beta 28 march 2006. This new version contains some bugfixed (Export sheets as separate files in Excel 2000) and has an improved progress indicator. Furthermore the advanced sorting capabilities have been expanded. You can now sort dates directly by: . Year-Month-Day . Year-Day-Month . Month-Day-Year . Month-Year-Day . Day-Year-Month […]