Tip: Insert multiple rows at once


Inserting multiple rows "the Excel way" If you want to insert multiple rows at once the standard procedure is to first select multiple rows and then use the "Insert" command. For example if you want to insert 10 rows between A1 and A2, you first have to select rows 2:11 and then insert the rows. […]

ASAP Utilities newsletter

Last week I have sent out the ASAP Utilities newletter with information about the two new versions: ASAP Utilities released its new versions 4.0.5 and 3.10E! www.asap-utilities.com/asap-utilities-newsletter-2006-11.php More information about our mailinglist: www.asap-utilities.com/asap-utilities-mailinglist.php

New version in progress: November 3, 2006

The new version is completed for about 99%. The RC in the version stands for Release Candidate. I would like to thank everybody that emailed me the past couple of weeks! You can download 4.0.5 RC4, November 3, 2006: ASAPUtilities_setup_4-0-5-RC4.exe (1.1 MB) Major reason for this release are a few bugfixes. I will release this […]