Preview ASAP Utilities ribbon for Excel 2007

I am currently working on an Excel 2007 ribbon-menu for the new ASAP Utilities.
Right now the ASAP Utilities menu is visible in the Add-ins tab but the new version will have its menu integrated in the ribbon.

Preview of the new ASAP Utilities menu

A preview of the new ASAP Utilities ribbon in Excel 2007:
More information and a pre-release of the new version will follow this week.
Preview ASAP Utilities ribbon for Excel 2007

Preferred color scheme

Above is a preview of Excel 2007 with the black color scheme. Which color scheme do you prefer, the blue (default), silver or black?
Personally I prefer the black theme. I think with this scheme everything on the screen is the easiest to distinguish and the most relaxing for my eyes. I also think that that the black color scheme draws more attention to the spreadsheet in stead of to the ribbon.

2 Responses to “Preview ASAP Utilities ribbon for Excel 2007”

  1. Firstly I would like to thank you for this very useful add-in and I look forward to trying the new ASAP Utilities ribbon. I agree with you about the colour scheme, I have tried all 3 schemes and now use the black scheme.

  2. I'd prefer silver