Soon to be released: version 4.2.8


While I'm working on the next big updated version (4.3), a few people have found some bugs in version 4.2.6 and 4.2.7 that I've now fixed in version 4.2.8. More information and download of the pre-release: // Version 4.2.7 was released on September 3rd. However a newsletter hasn't been sent out yet. I plan on […]

Almost finished: ASAP Utilities version 4.2.6


I'm almost finished with the updated version of ASAP Utilities: 4.2.6 Most changes in this version are corrections and bug fixes. More information and download: // We're also working on version 4.3 which will contain several improvements and a very big step forward (that I can' t reveal yet). This is consuming a great portion […]

Fixed the statup delay in Windows XP + Excel 2007 when opening a file through the Windows Explorer

The latest version of ASAP Utilities (pre-released today) will solve an issue that can appear when you have both Windows XP and Excel 2007 installed. "After installing the latest version of ASAP-Utilities after upgrading to Office 2007, I began to encounter a problem with Excel 2007 where, upon clicking on an Excel file to open, […]

Pre-release ASAP Utilities version 4.2.1 RC2

(Re) build the ASAP Utilities favorites menu toolbar

I have just published a new pre-release of the new version of ASAP Utilities. It is ready for download and testing. I have also experienced some crazy things with customizing the ribbon (qat) and empty Excel dialogboxes due to dynamic labels (getLabel). I will write more about that in a separate post. New/improved Fill » […]

Pre-release ASAP Utilities version 4.1.3 RC1

Added the options to select cells with a certain number format

Just when you think everything is right a new bug pops up... This afternoon I have released a pre-release of the new version that solves a bug in the Paper Saver utility. There was an error in the progress-display that caused an error when starting the utility and therefor made it impossible to use. This […]