Pre-release version 4.3 available

Pre-release version 4.3 available

We have been working on version 4.3 for the past year. That version has many improvements. A pre-release of the new version has been tested and reviewed by a selective group of people (thanks!) the past months.

Most of the tools have been updated, improved and redesigned. A major improvement is also that you can now switch between two languages: English and Dutch(Nederlands)!
You can download a pre-release of the next version from:

Please let me know what you think of it.

3 Responses to “Pre-release version 4.3 available”

  1. Hi Bastien,

    May the couple live 1000 years !

    Nice to see that we can now use Insert >User Defined >Asap.,,,,???? Functions to use the Asap functions.
    It would have been nicer to see it in a separate bunch named AsapFunctions :)
    But still we can't use help button on Arguments Screen ?

    Kind Regards
    CA kanwaljit Singh Dhunna

  2. Hello Kanwaljit,

    There are a few reasons why a didn't add a special functions category for ASAP Utilities and didn't name the arguments in the functions dialog. The main reason is that there is not a 100% safe predictable method to do this.
    These are some of the sources where I read to be careful with the implementation:

    Since there are many many users of ASAP Utilities with all kind of combinations of Windows and Office versions and other software I want to keep it as compatible and standard as possible and stay away from too much tweaking of Excel and pushing the limit.

    The way we have done it now is a good compromise I think.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Bastien,

    May the couple live 1000 years !

    I feel you are right……… But does the same reason hold good with the "Help" button on the arguments screen, when we select the function from the "UserDefined" category and press "Ok"

    Kind Regards
    CA kanwaljit Singh Dhunna