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Choose from 10 languages

With clients in over 140 countries, ASAP Utilities 8 is available in: You can change the language to your preferred language at any time from within the application.

Supported Excel versions

ASAP Utilities 8 works with the Windows editions of:
  • Excel 2010
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel 2019
  • Excel 2021
  • Excel 365 Desktop

Quickly Save Hours

Simple and practical examples of how ASAP Utilities saves you hours of time in Excel.

Awards & Reviews

Read the awards & reviews from magazines, newsletters and radio shows.

Trusted daily by over 26,000 organizations

Our list of clients exceeds 26,000 organizations in more than 140 countries.

Pricing & Ordering

Buy your license(s) today. It's only USD 49.00 for a single user license, or save up to 86% with volume discounts.

Pays for itself

On average ASAP Utilities saves our users 32.8 hours each year (measured among 145,873 users in January 2023).

Save time in Excel with ASAP Utilities

“The most popular add-in for Excel users”

ASAP Utilities is a friendly Excel add-in that saves our users a lot of valuable time.
The many well-thought-out and useful tools make your work in Excel much easier and faster.
With great enthusiasm, and for over 25 years already, our team ensures that ASAP Utilities is continuously evolving to help our users. It is truly one of the world's most popular add-ins for Excel.

“A must-have for anyone who spends time in Excel”

Our mission is to put a smile on the face of Excel users all over the world, by providing a friendly and easy to use add-in, that saves time and speeds up their work in Excel.

Trusted daily by over 26,000 organizations

ASAP Utilities makes YOU rock in Excel! We love our work, are friendly and helpful and that shows in the quality of our product and customer service. We strongly believe in long-term solutions and relationships.
ASAP Utilities is used nowadays by over 750,000+ users and 26,000+ organizations worldwide.
You can read real and honest reviews on Trustpilot.

Download today and start saving time in Excel

Download our fully functional 90-day Business trial or the free Home&Student edition.
The latest version of ASAP Utilities, 8.1, was released on February 8, 2023.

ASAP Utilities installs easily and creates its own tab in Excel from which you can start the tools:
Excel with ASAP Utilities in the menu

Choose your language of ASAP Utilities

With clients in over 140 countries, ASAP Utilities is used with many different languages.
You can choose from the following 10 languages for the ASAP Utilities user interface:
  1. English
  2. Deutsch (German)
  3. Español (Spanish)
  4. Français (French)
  5. Italiano (Italian)
  1. Nederlands (Dutch)
  2. Português do Brasil (Portuguese (Brazil))
  3. Русский (Russian)
  4. 中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified))
  5. 日本語 (Japanese)

Do more and save time with these added Excel tools

A few examples of tools that our users use most, or that saves them the most time, are: The number of features that ASAP Utilities adds to Excel (300+) may seem a bit overwhelming, but taking a few minutes just to look everything over works wonders.
You can add the tools that you like best to your personal "Favorites & Shortcuts keys" menu and assign your own shortcuts for quick access. You can also quickly search and start a tool without going through the menu.

Quick Start: 48 Practical Tricks to Save Hours in Excel

Discover how ASAP Utilities makes YOU rock in Excel.
These short tutorials show you how to benefit from the tools in ASAP Utilities
They are guaranteed to save you time and speed up your work in Excel. Enjoy!

Discover new ways to save time in Excel. Each day

ASAP Utilities contains an incredible amount of small handy tools and it might be hard to remember them all.
Each day we show you a handy tool that you may have forgotten about or never knew existed.

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