Small update to website and blog: responsive/mobile friendly

Mobile friendly websiteThe past week we have finally made a few important improvements to both our website and our blog. It is not finished yet, but already much improved.
This blog has a new look and both our website and blog are now so called "responsive", which means that you can easier to view our site on devices such as your smartphone or tablet.

I know, we should have done this many years ago already and the website and blog still need to be redesigned and have the same style...
But the past years have been a bit hectic with the growth of the ASAP Utilities client base and support requests. ASAP Utilities itself is always our first priority. And we really like the extensive contact with our users every day.

Now up to the next items on our (long) to-do and wish-to-do list. We've got a ton of ideas for further improvements and new tools.

Say safe!

To be continued...