So much spam these days

It has been on of those 'spam-periods' again. My inbox this morning: Fortunately most spam is detected and all virussus are removed, but still a lot of rubbish comes through the filters. I use Outlook 2003 and I have also tried Thunderbird (Mozilla) but still too much spam comes through in both mail clients. My […]

Insert empty rows between groups

If you have columns with large amounts of repeating values sometimes it is easy to distinguish them be seperating them with a line or empty row. Last week Peter asked me: I just found your utility download for excel on the web. It is great. I'm trying to combine a couple of the utilities into […]

ASAP Utilities and the Apple Macintosh or OpenOffice

Lately I recieve a lot of email from people asking me if there is a Mac version of ASAP Utilities. Currently ASAP Utilities will only work on Windows Excel versions. Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac differ a bit. My apologies, perhaps in the future when I have a Mac myself and know how […]

Conditional row color based on a cell value

Jeremy (US) asked me a question about coloring based on a cells value: First your product ASAP Utilities is great and has been a life saver. One feature that would be outstanding is a conditional row color based on a cell value. For instance there are numerous times I have to color a row because […]