New progress indicators

Something that has bothered me a long time is the way the progress of the utilities in ASAP Utilities is indicated.

In most cases I used the statusbar to do this but I found out not everybody always sees that. In the
new beta version I published today (3.11.t beta) I have used a new progress indicator for a large part of the utilities. This also has the benefit that you can easily cancel an operation, for example if you have made a mistake and waiting for it to finish takes too long.

Something that used to be displayed as:
old progress indicator

Will now be displayed as:
new progress indicator

At this moment the new progress indicators are not implemented for all utilities (we still have to do the utilities that work with userforms), but that is only a matter of time.

Update 30 march 2006:
The new look will be

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  1. Great idea!