New version: 3 april 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is avialable:
3.11.v beta (3 april 2006).

In this version the HTML export is improved. The generated HTML code is better and the speed of the utility is much faster now, especially when you export a table with more than 500 individual cells. This is because we used to put the generated code in memory and in stead of that we now use a temporary file to build the code, and when that is finished, we load the file in one step into the memory and put it on your clipboard. On my computer a table with 14.000 cells now took 20 seconds to generate in stead of over 3 minutes.

The generated code is improved in some points. Empty </font> tags should now be gone and the order of the attributes (bold/italic/underlined) is improved, meaning that are closed in the reverse order from how they started. For example a cell that was
both bold and italic use to be in HTML <b><i>content</b></i> this is now <b><i>content</i></b>
Another improvement is the nowrap: nobr. This prevents word-wrapping a cell's content. This code used to be <nobr>content</nobr> in each cell. This is now replace by a CSS attribute on each row.

The past few days I received two bugs. After both the "Advanced Transposer..." and the "Export selection or sheet as new file..." utilities had run and you pressed the close button you recieved an error. These bugs are fixed in this new version.

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