New version: 4 april 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available:
3.11.w beta (4 april 2006).

In this version a few bugs in the protect/unprotect all sheets have been fixed. Furthermore the protection in Excel XP/2002/2003 that enables you to select (un)locked cells (or not) has now been implemented too.

protection: enable the selection of (un)locked cells

5 Responses to “New version: 4 april 2006”

  1. Hi Bastien Mensink,
    There is an annoying bug in Extend selection to last row/column utility

    Type this is cells A1 : A5

    Now Delete the last enrty in cell A5, select cell A1 and use the Extend to last row utility.
    It will still extend to A5. This is because Excel will not reset the last used cell.

    To resolve this use

    BeginRow = Selection.Row
    BeginColoum = Selection.Column
    EndRow = Cells.Find("*", After:=Range("IV65536"), searchorder:=xlByRows, searchdirection:=xlPrevious).Row
    EndColoum = Selection.Columns.Count
    Range(Cells(BeginRow, BeginColoum), Cells(EndRow, (BeginColoum + (EndColoum – 1)))).Select

    Works every time


  2. Hello Sam,

    You're right. However I never considered this to be a bug.
    I always use the shorcut Ctrl+Alt+r to reset the last cell first (in the menu ASAP Utilities » Sheets » Reset Excel's last cell).
    In the next update I will incorporate the reset last cell when you use the select to last row/column utility.

    Thank you for testing.

    Kind regards,

  3. Sam,

    Version 3.11.x (6 april 2006) is now available in which your suggestion is incorporated.

  4. Hi Bastien,
    Another suggestion…. Kindly tweak the Conditional Select and Invert selection utility to create a "format filter" utlitiy.

    So when a user selects a range of cells and uses the format filter to specify cell format (say yellow colour cells), the utility should Select the yellow cells, invert the selection (non yellow cells) and just hide them….

    Excel 12 will have a "true" format filter…. but till then this could be a big help

    Best Regards

  5. I downloaded your latest Beta version and every time I open Excel now, it starts up an executable dialog box…"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition ENU. Any way of getting rid of this? It takes quite a while for this to run before the file is opened.