New version: 6 april 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available:
3.11.x beta (6 april 2006).

In this version a bug in the protect all sheets has been fixed regarding the option to enable/disable the selection of unlocked cells. Furthermore the following is changed/added:

  • Text » Advanced character removal
    Besides removing the characters you can now also have them replaced with a certain character.
    (This can for instance be usefull to replace all characters in a Google adwords keyword list that are not allowed (everything but numbers letters and a dash), and have them replaced by a space. Later you can use ASAP Utilties to remove all excess spaces.)
  • Select » Expand selection to last row
    The last cell will be reset first before expanding your selection to the last row.
    Will now also work on protected worksheets.
  • Select » Expand selection to last column
    The last cell will be reset first before expanding your selection to the last column.
    Will now also work on protected worksheets.
  • Export » Export selection as values to clipboard
    Will give you a warning message if your selection contains cells with an error. You can then choose to continue or correct the errors first.
  • System » Close all files except the current one
    Has been renamed to:
    System » Close multiple files at once...
  • Improved progress indicators.
  • Several small additions and improvements.
  • Corrected some typing errors (thanks Peter!).

9 Responses to “New version: 6 april 2006”

  1. The text tool that makes the first letter of each word uppercase doesn't work according to common English usage, in that it doesn't consider a punctuation mark to end a previous work. For example, johnson c.a. should be changed to Johnson C.A., but is actually changed to Johnson C.a.

    Similarly, letters immediately following parentheses and hyphens are not recognized as beginning a new word, when they almost always should be. Letters following apostrophes are also not recognized, but that is usually correct.

  2. Bastien, it seems that ASAP is not unloading correctly when uncheck in the Add-ins dialog. If I uncheck and close Excel I get a DW.exe notification from my firewall and Excel pops-up the critical error box.


  3. I am using the April 6 th beta version with Excel 2000. Every time I go to use the utility rename current file. It crashes excel and gives me error message.

  4. Hé Bastien,

    Ik heb nog geen tijd gehad om er echt in te duiken, maar tegenwoordig krijg ik bij het afsluiten van Excel regelmatig een melding that "Microsoft Excel caused an error…". Is jou hier iets van bekend, kan het met jouw add-in (dll) te maken hebben?
    Ik zit nu net op een schone laptop en heb jouw (super-)utils nog niet geinstalleerd en heb de fout dus ook nog niet. Ik zal je op de hoogte houden en meer gedetailleerde informatie proberen te sturen wanneer het weer gebeurt

  5. When using the Conditional Cell Select by formatting, I try to select a "base" cell by using the selection dialog box. After I select a cell and click "OK," I return to the Conditional Cell Select dialog BUT the selected base cell box in the Conditional Cell Select is still blank. It works fine if I type the cell reference into that box instead of trying to select it.

  6. I just noticed a strange quirk.

    When I start Excel from the Quick Launch bar or from the Start menu, your add-in doesn't load. But, if I start Excel by opening a file (e.g., double-clicking any Excel file in Explorer), the add-in loads.

  7. I just loaded the 3.11.x 6 Apr 06 Beta version.

    This is the first time I have used the ASAP utility, and most of what I have played with so far has been great.

    However, I get a program error and it shuts down Excel when:
    1) Import Excel File
    2) Rename current file (this has already been mentioned)
    3) Merge files

    Also, is there a way to make the full path and filename dynamic when it is added to the Header/Footer?


  8. FYI, I've tracked down the problem I stated above. I seems to be because I have Excel 2002 (XP) and Excel 2003 installed side-by-side. If I open Excel 2002, ASAP Utilities will load, but if I open Excel 2003 it will not load. the file association for .xls on my PC is the Excel 2002 exe, whereas the Quick Launch and Start menu item I was using were pegged to Excel 2003.

    This problem is not isolated to ASAP Utilities. I have noticed all my add-ins are registered in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Excel\Options. None are registered in ..\11.0\..

    I've been running both 2002 and 2003 for several months now, and I think this is just the first time I noticed that add-ins weren't loading.

    BTW, the COM add-in portion is properly registered in HKLM – and redundantly in HKCU. I had wondered whether doing this with my own COM Add-in would force the it to always show up in the COM Add-ins dialogue. This answered my question. It doesn't. :-(

  9. Hello Harlan,

    If the sheet on which a (range of) cell(s) is selected contains conditional formatting using the : "Formula Is" option, the function may fail, returning an empty range. Unfortunately, this function exposes a bug in Excel (all current versions!).

    This page gives more information about this bug:

    For now, in this specific case the best is to manually enter the address of the base cell.

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink