Favorite project

After spending many weeks programming in PHP/MySQL for two projects with a very tight deadline and some small Excel projects, I've found the time to work on my favorite project again.

I'm working my way through all the comments and recommendations I received the past month. Some of them are bug reports, spelling corrections, tips for consistency in the language and some suggestions for new utilities or improvements. Thank you all! This way ASAP Utilities is getting better each time.

A new version will probably be released by the end of may.

Kind regards,
Bastien Mensink

5 Responses to “Favorite project”

  1. Bastien, I know this is not the forum for this, but i was wondering if you could help me with an excel problem. I work with large databases that sometimes have extra empty cells within a column. is there any function or utility that can eliminate those spaces (empty cells)?

  2. On a hit-or-miss basis I find that when opening Excel files ASAP does not appear.

  3. Bastien,
    In the make lot of folders easily utility is it possible for you to
    a) Make it "remember" the last path where it created the folders
    b) Give the user the option to set a defualt path
    At present it always points to the "My Computer"


  4. Hello Sam,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    The list filenames will in the next version remember your last
    used settings. If you have Excel 2002 or later the "pick a folder"
    dialog will start with the current path.

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  5. Hi Bastien,

    Good work on the program. I am just starting to use it so I am not well versed in it yet. Excel has a couple items that keep bogging me down, and maybe you would find merit to incorporate it in your program. Firstly, when doing a find/replace excel does not distiguish a 28 from a 281 (nor a "like" from a "likeness") etc. Very time consuming. This could be accomplished by either offering options in the find/replace command, or having excel recognize a simple 0, which is also very annoying. I do not like how it autoformats a 081 to an 81. Secondly, I have had a time or two where it would've been nice to put a goal seek in a formula, so that you do not have to do a manual goal seek everytime to find a number. On that note, another interestingly huge function could be a WHEN function…..WHEN this equals that, then result. This differs from an IF function, as it is more conditional. It basically would run a formula (or series of formulas) and produce a result, without physically changing the formulas. Example: Lets say you have a formula 2+4=6 . You could do a WHEN(6=20,4=) the result would be 18, because 2+18=20, and so you could find out the 18, without altering your original 2+4=6. I think this could have great potentials that I have not even contemplated.

    Thanks for the good work,