New version: 30 may 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available:
3.11.y beta (30 may 2006).

These are the major changes:

  • Change decimals (not formatting, but changing) has been renamed to Round numbers (not formatting, but changing)
  • HTML export <strike> is added for text that is formatted as strikethrough.
  • Range » Empty duplicates on selection. Now works on multiple columns. Cells with more then 255 characters are now supported too.
  • Fill » Insert filename... has now an extra option to create hyperlinks to the files. A copy of this utility has been made in the "Information" menu with the name "List filenames in folder..." Your settings will be saved and if you have Excel 2002/XP or later the "pick a folder" dialog will start with your last used folder.
  • In the ASAP » Options... dialog I have added an extra option where your can choose to use the F11 key to switch between fullscreen mode
  • New utility: System » Reopen current file without saving changes. Closes the current workbook without saving changes and then opens the last saved copy of the file.
  • New utility: Text » Replace accented vowels (á, ë, etc.)... Replace the accented vowels in your selected cells with non-accented vowels. You can customize the settings.
    Text » Replace accented vowels
  • Text » Advanced character removal... New option to specify whether you want to replace in cells with constants, formulas or both.
  • Added a new worksheet function: =ASAPSPELLNUMBERS(). This is a worksheetfunction of the utility Numbers » Spell numbers or amounts (EN, DE, NL)... A detailed description of this function will be given in the new User Guide.
  • System » Close and delete current file. If possible the file will not be deleted but send to the Recycle Bin. If that is not possible you will get a question of you want to delete the file permanently.
  • System » Create a lot of folders. If you have Excel 2002/XP or later the "pick a folder" dialog will start with your last used folder.
  • Fixed: Inverse selection produced an error if you cancelled the selection of a cell.
  • Fixed: Count unique values produced an error if your selection contained cells with an error.
  • Fixed: Error in list filenames on finish or exit.
  • Fixed: Use a significant number of decimals gave an error when you used it on cells without decimals. The speed of this utility is increased too.
  • Fixed a bug in the Text » Convert dates... utility.
  • Fixed a bug in the Import » Import Excel file... utility.
  • Fixed a bug in the Import » Merge files... utility.
  • Fixed a bug in the System » Rename current file... utility.
  • Fixed a bug in the Range » Find / Replace in all sheets... utility in Excel 2003.
  • Reset recent files list also resetted the amount of recent files back to Excel's default which is 4. This is now fixed and your setting will be kept.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the apply formula utility.
  • Fixed: HTML export, font tag not ended, aligment from cell not always correct (when not set it used the settings from the cell before)
  • Delete all lines inside selection renamed to Delete all borders inside selection. This utility has also been updated to really remove only the interior borders. It used to remove all borders in your selection.
  • Select all objects on current sheet gave an error if the sheet contained comments. A workaround has been made to make it work in that occasion too.
  • More spelling errors corrected. More consitent use of certain words
  • Several other small bugs have been fixed.
  • This version will work in Excel 2007 beta too, although not all utilities have been fully tested in the new version of Excel.

3 Responses to “New version: 30 may 2006”

  1. Bugs in this version:

    Text » "Advanced character removal” » “line breaks”, produces an error. If you click on other buttons to select certain characters the same error might happen.
    ASAP Utilities stops working and you have to restart Excel.

    Another bug that was introduces in 3.11.y: In the options dialog you cannot change the folder for your favorites menu nor your backup-folder.

    If things go well here I'll post a new version today otherwise it will be next week.

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  2. Thanks for the new beta…. but still the utility of "Convert Dates" to "Text Date" not working

  3. Hello Bharat,

    Please give me detailed description of what you are doing (example of the data before and after) and what the error is that you are getting.
    I've emailed you too but I have received no response. I am unable to reproduce the problem so without a proper description I cannot help you.

    Kind regards,