New version: 21 june 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available:
3.11.aa beta (21 june 2006).

Last week version 3.11.z was silently released. I updated the download page but couldn't find the time to write a post about it. So here are the major changes in comparison to version 3.11.y in the new 3.11.aa.

These are the major changes:

  • Sheets » Sort all sheets in alphabetical order
    Used to sort only the worksheets. It now sorts all sheets.
  • NEW: Columns / Rows » Remove all empty columns
    This utility will remove all empty columns in your selection. An empty column is defined as a column where none of the cells contains data.
  • Columns / Rows » Color each n'th row or column in selection...
    Your last used settings will be remembered.
  • Import » Merge files together in a new file...
    Your last used settings will be remembered, including your last used folder.
  • Bug fixes in: Export as CSV file, Find/replace in single cell and a few other utilities. Some bugs only appeared in a specific version of Excel.

I never thought I would number up to the letter "z" so I used "aa" for the current version, just like Excel uses for the column numbering.

End of beta?
I want to thank everybody for the thorough testing. At this moment the beta version is better then the current official version 3.10c. Next week I'll probably remove the beta indication and release it as the new official version.

2 Responses to “New version: 21 june 2006”

  1. Hi Bastien,

    May you live 1000 years.
    "Sheets » Sort all sheets in alphabetical order Used to sort only the worksheets. It now sorts all sheets."
    I really don't know the difference between "sheets" and "worksheets"

  2. Hello 007-Kanwal,

    Sheets is a group name for all types of sheets:
    – worksheet (the default sheet used for data/calculations)
    – chart
    – ms excel 4.0 macro
    – international macro sheet
    – ms excel 5.0 macro sheet.

    For most people it now means that both their worksheets and charts sheets are now sorted. I don't think the other sheet-types are used much.

    Kind regards,