New version: 22 june 2006

A new beta version of ASAP Utilities is available:
3.11.ab beta (22 june 2006).

Major reason for this release were problems in combination with Excel 2000. The merge files or import Excel file made Excel 2000 produce errors or crash. I have created a workaround for this. (the command makes Excel 2000 crash if it is from a DLL).

Furthermore I've updated the following utilities to remember your last used settings:

  • Range » Paste Special (with combinations)...
  • Format » Copy a sheet's page and print settings...
  • Range » Find / replace in all sheets...
  • Formula » Custom formula error message...

5 Responses to “New version: 22 june 2006”

  1. Hi Bastien,

    Thanks a ton. I guess that the date along with the version number at the top is wrong. It should have been 22 June instead of 22 May.


  2. Hello Kanwaljit,

    Thank you! I've corrected the month-name.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Bastien,

    May you live 1000 years.

    Just a while ago I used the command "Display full path and filename in Title bar." It worked perfectly. Then I used the "save as" command and saved the file with another name. But the filename in the titlebar remained the same whereas it should have changed to new filename.

    Also if you use "Rename current file" )with full path and filename being displayed in the titlebar), then after renaming the full path and filename is not shown. Instead only the filename starts to appear as usual.

    Hope I am quite clear !

    Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna
    (Chartered Accountant)

  4. Bastien,

    Many thanks for this wonderful tool, however after upgrading to the latest beta versions (z as well as ab) the command "set current selection to all sheets" doesn't work anymore.

  5. Hello Ton,

    Thank you for reporting this. This is a bit late respons but it has been fixed in version 4.0.

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink