New version: 29 june 2006 – end of beta!

A new version of ASAP Utilities is available:
4.0.0 (29 june 2006).

Major reasons for this release were a few bugs that have been reported the past week. I've also use the opportunity to remove the beta status.

I have not officially released this new version on the main ASAP Utilities website. However I do believe it is time to conclude the beta-stadium is over since all important bugs in 3.10 and 3.11 are solved. This doesn't mean we're done and I'm sure I've forgotten something or other bugs will show someday in some situation. However I would like to invite everybody to try the new version 4.0.
By the end of July I will update the main ASAP Utilities website with this new version and send out an email to all subscribers. In the meantime I'm finishing some projects and I will enjoy a two-week vacation.
In the future I will use this blog to release new versions first. It is a great way for me to quickly provide information and provide feedback.

My thanks goes out to each and every one of you for your suggestions and bug-reports the past year. ASAP Utilities continues to grow and improve thanks to your support, your suggestions and your encouragement.

8 Responses to “New version: 29 june 2006 – end of beta!”

  1. I think that your previous version was very good as well, so you should keep on your website both versions – 3.11c and 4.0.0.

    You are doing a great job !!!
    Heavy user and recommender

  2. I recently discovered ASAP Utilities and it is awesome! I am already recommending to other Excel users in our company and putting to good use myself. I look forward to the new version…

  3. Hi Bastien,

    May you live 1000 years.

    Just a while ago I used the command “Display full path and filename in Title bar.” It worked perfectly. Then I used the “save as” command and saved the file with another name. But the filename in the titlebar remained the same whereas it should have changed to new filename.

    Also if you use “Rename current file” )with full path and filename being displayed in the titlebar), then after renaming the full path and filename is not shown. Instead only the filename starts to appear as usual.

    Hope I am quite clear !

    Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna
    (Chartered Accountant)

  4. BUG report

    I use Excel 2000
    Rename current file – generates excel error and closes Excel

  5. Hi

    I have tried installing your software . After downloading when the same is instaled it says that there is a new version available and the old version will close. Even after dowlaoading the new version the same error occurs .Pls revert asap.


  6. Hi Sanjay,

    You must have downloaded the older version. Replace the older version with the new one on the same location. "Replace" and don't install an additional one.


  7. Hi,

    Have been a long time user of the software, and quite frankly I love it. Excel is simply a waste of time without it, because it is too complicated.

    Which brings me on to my question.

    I have just downloaded Office 2007 Pro Plus Beta 2.

    Will the new version 4 that you have just released work with that?


  8. I have used the "asaputilities" on a recent project and the power is "AWESOME". Some of the EXCEL Gru's were not aware of this site until I shared with them. They were amazed!!!! I suggest that you continue with your current direction and goals. The one feature that I used most was the "trim to X leading characters plus delete lead and trailing zeros" and deleting duplicates.