New version in progress: September 19, 2006

A new version of ASAP Utilities is in progress. You can download 4.0.4 preview, September 19, 2006:
ASAPUtilities_setup_4-0-4-preview.exe (1.1 MB)

Depending on the feedback I will release this version officially withing a couple of days.

Major reason for this release are a few bugfixes.


  • Delete leading and trailing spaces
    Cells with (array)formulas and errors will be skipped.
  • Delete leading, trailing and excessive spaces
    Cells with (array)formulas and errors will be skipped.
  • Numbers » Spell numbers or amounts (EN, DE, NL)...
    If you use rupees (Rs, IRs or NRs) the currency will be listed at the front.
    This will also affect the worksheet function =ASAPSpellNumber()
    For example:
    =asapspellnumber(2450.25,"EN","TRUE","Rs","Rs",,"Paisa","Paisa Only")
    would produce
    "Two Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Rs and Twenty Five Paisa"
    but wil now produce:
    "Rs Two Thousand Four Hundred Fifty and Twenty Five Paisa"

Bug fixes

  • Text » delete leading / ending characters
    In version 4.0.3 I excluded numbers from being altered by this version.
    That has now been undone, making this utility work on numeric data too.
    I thought excluding numbers was a better approach but apparently a lot of people use this utility to edit numbers too.
  • Import » Merge files...
    Produced an error if you had previously used the utility on files in a folder and this folder was no longer available. This is now fixed
  • Fill » Insert before / after...
    When you apply this utility to numbers ASAP Utililities will no longer convert these numbers to "textnumbers" by adding an apostrophe in front. The insert before/after on formulas has been improved too so that your formulas will stay formulas. You can now for example change a formula from =12*B4 to =12*B4+SUM(A1:A10)
  • Export » HTML Export...
    In april 2006 I've changed the NOBR setting in the HTML output from <nobr> in each cell to a stylesheet setting for each row: style="white-space : nowrap;". However I found out this doesn't work as good as the old-school <nobr> tag so
    I reversed this change and added the <nobr> again.

Thank you all for the feedback!

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