New version in progress: October 4, 2006

A new version of ASAP Utilities is in progress.
You can download 4.0.5 RC1, October 4, 2006:
ASAPUtilities_setup_4-0-5-RC1.exe (1.1 MB)

Please read the updated post from October 6, 2006

Major reason for this release are a few bugfixes.
Depending on the feedback I will release this version officially within a couple of days.


Bug fixes

  • Range » Sort random (shuffle)
    Produced an error if your worksheet had all columns used (256). ASAP Utilities needs to create a temporary extra column in order to perform its random sorting. If no extra column can be added you will now be kindly informed about this in stead of getting an error message.
  • Sheet » Protect all sheets...
    In Excel XP/2002/2003: The use of the options "edit objects" and "edit scenarios" was reversed, meaning you had to turn them off in order to activate them. This has now been correct.
  • Information » List all fonts in a new workbook
    Excel allows only a limited amount of formatting in a workbook. If you have a large amount of fonts installed you might run into Excels limit. I have experienced this when I had more than 500 different fonts installed. The error message has been updated to inform you about the possibility that the limit is reached.
  • Select » Conditional select cells...
    Improved handling of cells with errors in your selection. ASAP Utilities could produce an error for example if you wanted to select certain cells and there were cells with errors in your selection.
  • Select » Select cell in selection where value changes
    Improved. The utility could produce an error if your selection contained cells with an error.
  • Import » Insert textfile (with options)...
    Used to produce an error if you cancelled the import. This is now fixed.
  • Text » Convert dates...
    Remember settings improved. This now works too if for example the first two options in the to-date were empty.
  • Fill » Fill empty cells in selection
    Didn't properly reset the calculation status of your workbook. For example in some cases it set the calculation status to manual and didn't turn it back to automatic.

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