New version in progress – pre-release

Development in progressI have just released a preview-version of the new version of ASAP Utilities.

This version solves nearly all the bugs that have been reported so far. Furthermore some utilities we added or improved. This new version will probably officially be released as a new version at the beginning of July.

More information and download:

At this moment the ASAP Utilities setup and the User Guide (pdf) are offered separately on the website for download. I'm considering to distribute the User Guide together with the program into one setup file in the new version. However then the setup-download will grow from 1 to 5 MB. What do you think about distributing the userguide along with the setup?

2 Responses to “New version in progress – pre-release”

  1. Bastien, why not offer two options: download ASAP Utilities with or without User Guide.

  2. Hello Peter,

    I think I the "main" download will be the file that includes the user guide. On the "alternative downloads" page I will also offer the setup without the PDF. I will need to have that anyway because otherwise the email-delivery-setup file would grow to large.
    I'm currently working on a solution for a problem with the "remove unused styles" that persists in Excel 2000. I that is solved I'm going to put a new pre version online that has a link in the menu to the User Guide. I hope that way people will be more aware of the User Guide and get more out of what ASAP Utilities has to offer.

    Kind regards,