Pre-release ASAP Utilities version 4.1.3 RC1

Added the options to select cells with a certain number format

Just when you think everything is right a new bug pops up... This afternoon I have released a pre-release of the new version that solves a bug in the Paper Saver utility. There was an error in the progress-display that caused an error when starting the utility and therefor made it impossible to use. This […]

New version released: ASAP Utilities 4.1.2

New version released: ASAP Utilities 4.1.2

Today I have released the new version of ASAP Utilities. This new version is improved in severals ways. I would like to thank everybody for their feedback the past months! » What's new » Versions History » Download Up next: A special ASAP Utilities menu in the Excel 2007 ribbon. (However, only a very small […]

New version in progress – pre-release 4


I have been working on the new version of ASAP Utilities today and I've just released another preview version, ready for download and testing. New ASAP Utilities Options » Start the last used utility again... This will re-start the last run utility used in ASAP Utilities. For example if the last utility you used was 'Export […]

Excel file loads slowly the first time that it is opened in Excel

General Excel question: Recently I have been getting this same question by several customers. If they open a file in Excel, the first time it takes a very long time. If they then save the file and open it again it loads much faster. This occurs when you open an Excel file that has been […]

Fix the slow startup of Excel 2007

Excel 2007 Splash Screen

Recently I have been receiving a few emails about people telling me that their Excel 2007 would startup very slowly with ASAP Utilities installed. The delay also occurred without ASAP Utilities if they click on an Excel file from within the Explorer: If I click on an xls file Excel opens with a blank window which […]

New version in progress – pre-release 3


I have just released a third preview-version of the new version of ASAP Utilities. This version solves a few more bugs and expands the Text > Convert dates... utility with the option to change the case of the new dates: This new version will probably officially be released as a new version at the beginning of […]

PCtipp: Obercooles Programm – Excel-ABC: 29 Tipps


Last month the Swiss computer magazine PCtipp wrote an article with 29 useful tips for Excel. ASAP Utilities was one of their tips. They gave it a great title (which made me dance around in the office for a while!). The full article is available on their website:

New version in progress – pre-release 2

New: User Guide in the ASAP Utilities menu

I have just released a second preview-version of the new version of ASAP Utilities. This version solves a few more bugs. Furthermore the User Guide is now included in the setup and accessible from within the ASAP Utilities menu. I hope this way more people will be aware of the User Guide and spend some time reading […]