New version in progress – pre-release 4

I have been working on the new version of ASAP Utilities today and I've just released another preview version, ready for download and testing.


ASAP Utilities Options » Start the last used utility again...
This will re-start the last run utility used in ASAP Utilities. For example if the last utility you used was 'Export selection as HTML table to clipboard...' this tool will start that utility.
(I'm still thinking about which default shortcut to use for this. At this moment I'm thinking about using Control+Shift+A)

The setup now contains some Visual Basic 6 runtime files. Normally the files that ASAP Utilities needs are on your computer. However in some cases I found out they weren't there or not correctly registered. The new setup will copy the missing files and (re) register them if necessary. This will solve many of the "Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3" errors.
If the files are already on your computer or if you're running Windows Vista these operations will be skipped.


The utilities "Delete all hidden rows and columns", "Remove all empty rows" and "Remove all empty columns" were slow when pagebreaks were turned on. This is now improved.
In the utility "Range » Copy formulas without changing their references" you would get an error of the target area overlapped the source area. This is now fixed too.

The new version will probably officially be released as a new version at the beginning of July.

More information and download

2 Responses to “New version in progress – pre-release 4”

  1. I adore ASAP Utilities! I have been using it for years! One thing I would love to see for future versions is a corresponding shortcut (that I can add to my toolbar) for EVERY ASAP feature. there are many items I use all the time, that do not have a button on the ASAP Utilities tool bar. And then there are a ton of things that do have shortcuts that I don't use. Actually enabling me to right click on a tool and then select 'add to toolbar" or something would be awesome. I like having things one click away, but I also want to keep everything in tact within the ASAP menus.

  2. Hello Sherry,

    You can create your own shortcuts in the favorites menu:

    In a new version maybe I will make the information on the ASAP Utilities toolbar based on the tools in your favorites menu.