Pre-release ASAP Utilities version 4.1.3 RC1

Just when you think everything is right a new bug pops up...

This afternoon I have released a pre-release of the new version that solves a bug in the Paper Saver utility. There was an error in the progress-display that caused an error when starting the utility and therefor made it impossible to use. This is now fixed.

I have also made two additions:

  • Select » Conditional select cells...
    Added the option to select cells with a certain number format
    Added the options to select cells with a certain number format
  • Import » Insert (delimited) text file...
    Insert a (delimited) text file at the position of the selected cells.
    This new import utility has several options you can set but right now the main purpose is that the dates can be imported using your windows regional settings.
    This utility is currently being tested and will be further developed.

Download via the ASAP Utilities FAQ

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