Video: How to sort by color in Excel with ASAP Utilities

Sort by cell colorThe following video will demonstrate you how to sort by color in Excel by using ASAP Utilities.

It is not possible to sort by color in Excel. However we find that many people use colors to "tag" certain cells that need to be processed later.

The example in the video show a list of keywords such as my colleague (Rogier Mensink) often gets back from his customers for Google Adwords campaigns. The keywords where the ads need to be displayed are marked in yellow. With Excel only it is difficult to get a list of only the yellow cells. With ASAP Utilities it is easy, you sort the cells by their color and you have a list of all the yellow cells together.

First select the cells and then in the Excel menu choose ASAP Utilities » Range » Advanced sorting...

Besides sorting by cell color you can also sort on: Value, Number Format, Cell Color, Cell Color Indexnr., Font Color, Font Color Indexnr., Font Size, Font Name, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Text length, Shuffle (randomize order), Formula, Email address host (@...), Year-Month-Day, Year-Day-Month, Month-Day-Year, Month-Year-Day, Day-Year-Month, Day-Month-Year, Day of the week (start on Sunday), Day of the week (start on Monday)

Note: In Excel 2007 Microsoft has added the ability to sort by color. First you need to convert your data to a table and then you can sort it by color.

2 Responses to “Video: How to sort by color in Excel with ASAP Utilities”

  1. I want to sort by colored ROWS, but the options seem to allow only COLUMNS. Is that correct?

  2. Hello Peter,

    That is indeed correct. It is nearly at the top of my to-do list. However lately I have had do spend more time as expected troubleshooting issues with Excel 2007.

    Can you perhaps send me an example workbook to my email address that I can use when I implement the sorting by rows?

    Kind regards,