Review in PC-WELT: The smartest Office-Addons

Cover of computer magazine PC Welt 3/09This March the German computer magazine PC WELT has an item on add-ins for Word and Excel. They call it the Microsoft Office Service Pack 2009 ;-)
We're proud to mention that ASAP Utilities was listed as one of the addons; on page 49 and 50.

The article translated into English:

The smartest Office Addons

"You work daily with Word, Excel & Co. and believe you know all the finesse of the office suite? We provide you with useful tools and extensions that allow you get get the most out of the software.

Everybody can use Word and Excel: open documents, write text, create tables, format it and print it out. MS Office believes that that is a huge wealth of options. But there is more: you can upgrade it with some handy features that are missing from the package - until now. We present you the smartest free addons, tools and enhancements for Office & Co."

The part on ASAP Utilities:

"For Excel fans is the collection macros from ASAP Utilities. She makes a variety of functions quickly and easily available, which you would otherwise only have achieved with difficulty.

Already ten years there is this collection of hundreds of tools for formatting worksheets and and cells, highlighting ranges or for direct access to data that meets certain conditions. Also creating an index-sheets and data exports are easier than in Excel itself. The toolset creates its own menu, or in Excel 2007 its own tab in the ribbon. For private use, ASAP Utilities is free."

Review ASAP Utilities in the German magazine PC Welt Die cleversten Office-Addons

An eingefleischte Excel-Fans wendet sich die Makrosammlung ASAP Utilities. Sie macht eine Vielzahl von Funktionen schnell und einfach verfügbar, die man sonst nur mit Mühe erreicht. Schon seit zehn Jahren gibt es die Sammlung mit mehreren hundert Befehlen zum Formatieren von Arbeitsblättern und Einträgen, zum Markieren von Bereichen oder für den gezielten Zugriff auf Daten, die bestimmte Voraussetzungen erfüllen. Auch Indexblätter und Dateiexporte sind damit einfacher möglich als unter Excel selbst. Das Toolpaket erstellt ein eigenes Menü, bzw. unter Excel 2007 eine eigene Oberfläche im Ribbon-Stil. Für den Privatgebrauch sind die ASAP Utilities gratis.

The article has also been placed online:

The part with ASAP Utilities:

(I'd better hurry up now with a German version)

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  2. The ASAP utilities for Excel are very handy. The package has incresed scope of the use of Excel. People please check this pack, its very handy.