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PCWorld.huWe're proud to mention that ASAP Utilities has been reviewed by the Hungarian edition of PCWorld. On March 25 they published the article "Office szervizcsomag házilag" (Boost Office at home) on their website which is about additions of Office 2007. ASAP Utilities was listed as one of the useful additions they mentioned.

Boost Office at home

Unfortunately Google Translate doesn't work completely good on the translation of the article, but it it did help me a bit to get an understanding of the article:

"Perfect software is not there, even the best application is missing a useful function. A perfect example is the Office 2007, which - in principle - knows all about what a complete package of office programs expect. We nevertheless found a dozen applications and a small addition of useful new features for our favorite office package."

ASAP Utilities 4.2.10

Excel Macro Library
Requires: Excel 2000 or later

The ASAP Utilities is a collection of macros, which contains hundreds of functions in the format cells from the special assignment through the workbooks together plans to print and thumbnails, all the various importing and exporting capabilities. Excel, a wide range of functions, each user is interested to find knives. The package is simple, a menu appears on the Excel in the 2007 version is fully integrated into.

ASAP Utilities 4.2.10 - Makrógy?jtemény Excelhez

If you speak Hungarian, can you help me with a correct translation? You can write the translation in a comment.
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