New ASAP Utilities version 4.5.1 released!

ASAP Utilities 4.5ASAP Utilities version 4.5.1 (April 11, 2009) has just been released!

This new version is improved in many ways. Most of the tools have been updated, improved and redesigned. A major improvement is that you can now switch between two languages: English and Dutch (Nederlands)!

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4 Responses to “New ASAP Utilities version 4.5.1 released!”

  1. Hi Bastien,

    May the couple Live 1000 years !

    Nice to see the new version . I have just dipped my fingers….
    Yummmmmmmmmy….. BTW have you got the file, I sent you… I have sent it thrice.

    Warm Regards

  2. Hello Kanwaljit,

    Unfortunately I still haven't received your email.
    I'm not sure how big it is or what the file name is, but perhaps it is lost
    somewhere in the process. You might try to send me a zipped-version too.

    I have also sent you an email with an alternative email address.

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  3. Hi Bastien,

    May the couple Live 1000 years !

    Nice to know you got the file….. Just curious to know whether the example was clear ?

    Warm Regards

  4. Hello Kanwaljit,

    Thank you for your email. The example is clear.
    The problem is related to the fact that Excel doesn't handle long numbers (>15) very well.
    A value such as 051030807030962272 is automatically changed to a value such as 5,10308E+16.
    You need to change the numberformat in the cell to text to be able to work with values such as 051030807030962272 and then the utility works as expected.

    Kind regards,