How to combine numerous sheets into a single sheet

I recently receive the following question: Is there a way to combine numerous Sheets into a single Sheet? I have an Excel document with 72 sheets, that I would like to be 1 continuous sheet. Thanks again for your help. You can use the following tool to put together the rows or columns from multiple […]

Identify duplicates

I just received the following question: I will like to know how I can see the duplicates in a selection data? I'm aware I can delete duplicates, however I will like to know how to identify them first before deleted. Here's how to do this: You can use the following tool to select the cells […]

Download pre-release version 4.5.4: German edition


ASAP Utilities is now also available in the German language. If you have the German language version of Excel, ASAP Utilities will now start in German (Deutsch). You can change the language in the options dialogue: ASAP Utilities » ASAP Utilities Options » ASAP Utilities options and settings... In ASAP Utilities you can now choose […]