New tool: How much time (and money) does ASAP Utilities save you?

Show the time that ASAP Utilities has saved you

These days, with all the economical issues, it is more then ever important to see where you can save money. You have probably already heard from others or experienced yourself that ASAP Utilities can save you a lot of time with your work in Excel. But how much time (and money) does it actually save […]

Macro: Keep only ASCII characters 32-127

Last week I received the following question: I get sent Excel files from various vendors. I have to convert these to SAS datasets that get moved to a UNIX system. The SAS datasets can only contain ASCII 32-127. So I need to remove these from the Excel file. You can use the "Text » Advanced […]

How to: Remove all negative numbers

Select the negative numbers

Last week I received the following question: Is there an ASAP Utilities function that can remove all negative numbers from a spreadsheet? I haven't found it yet. Yes there is. You can use ASAP Utilities to help you to quickly delete negative numbers. You can use the following tool to select all cells with negative […]