How to: Set column width and row height in centimeters or inches?

Set the rowheight and columnwidht in centimers or inches

In standard Excel you can't set the height or with of cells in centimeters or inches. Creating square cells is also difficult because Excel uses different units for the width and height of cells. Setting the width and height in centimeters or inches can be helpful if you use the Excel for drawing purposes, such […]

How to: Quickly remove duplicated records

Remove duplicated records

At this moment ASAP Utilities already contains several tools to manage duplicates. However a special tool for duplicate records was still missing... until now! You could already identify or remove duplicated records with a workaround by merging the cell contents into a temporary added column and then use ASAP Utilities' "Conditional row and column select, […]

How to: Split data table into multiple worksheets (and save time)

Export data in parts to multiple sheets

Many people have asked me the past years if ASAP Utilities has an option to split a table into several sheets. Either per so many rows, or by value. Until recently that wasn't possible, but now it is!. In cooperation with several users we have created a new utility. In the new version of ASAP […]