Quickly add a tool to your favorites menu

In the new version of ASAP Utilities (pre-release available here), you will be able to quickly add a tool to your favorites menu from withing the "Find and run a utility..." search results:

You can now quickly add the tool from within the result window to your Favorites-menu by pressing the + button:

If you are interested in which tools from ASAP Utilities you use the most, then you can already use this utility.

2 Responses to “Quickly add a tool to your favorites menu”

  1. Hi Bastien,

    May the Family Live 1000 Years !

    Some discussion was going on here regarding cleaning of Data.
    You might get some food for thought !

    CA Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna

  2. Hello Kanwaljit,

    Thank you for letting me know and telling Dick about ASAP Utilities.
    In this case I already read the article. I'm subscribed to their RSS feed, Daily Dose of Excel is an excellent website/community.

    Kind regards,