Just released: ASAP Utilities 4.7.2

NotesThe new version of ASAP Utilities, 4.7.2 has just been released!

We've made several (speed) improvements and included a few new tools.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed their feedback and tested the

3 Responses to “Just released: ASAP Utilities 4.7.2”

  1. Dear Bastien,

    May the Family Live 1000 Years !

    Today I was using Advance Character Removal tools to remove "invisible" Characters and got an error message.
    "Something unexpected Went wrong at Code Line 920. Error 1004: Applcation Defined or Object Defined Error, in utiltiy 90….. Excel 2003/Windows Xp".

    The file was constructed using text Import Data wizard of excel.

    Why can't there be something like error report like generated by Windows, when something goes wrong, which can be sent to you containing the error log.

    Sincere Regards
    CA Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna

  2. Hello Kanwaljit,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We could indeed do this, but most of the times errors are very specifically related to certain workbooks and can only reproduced with that workbook. Therefore in order to investigate the problem, we often need the workbook too.
    We find it easier/more convenient if a users contacts us via email. That way we have his/her contact information too to provide help and start a conversation.
    We could certainly automate this and have the user enter their contact details in the error report, but I think people prefer contact via email. (At least I would).
    In the past we have also had a contact form on our website were people could contact us and/or report bugs, but more then often an invalid email address was entered and we couldn't respond back on questions, which was very inconvenient.

    Can you tell me more about the error you encountered? Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it and it hasn't been reported before.
    Do you get it all the time or is with a specific workbook?
    Can you perhaps send me an example workbook that I can use to reproduce and further investigate the problem with?

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  3. Hello Kanwaljit,

    I have been using your comment for the new version of ASAP Utilities.
    The program now mimics Excel's behaviour when it comes to changing data and formatting in a filtered list.

    More information:

    Kind regards,