How to: Select a number of worksheets and export each as a single workbook

I just received the following question from Azad from Australia:

Hi, Is it possible to select a number of worksheets and export as a single workbook?

As you probably already know, Excel itself doesn't have a option for this. It can be a time consuming job to save each worksheet as a separate workbook.

Fortunately it is very easy to do with the following tool from ASAP Utilities:
Export » Export worksheets as separate files...

Save worksheets as separate workbooks

3 Responses to “How to: Select a number of worksheets and export each as a single workbook”

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  2. I love the asap utilites program!

    Is there are way to encrypt the new workbook files that you are creating with the export worksheets as separate workbooks function without going into each new file?


  3. Hello Jennifer,

    Thank you for your feedback and compliment.

    Do you mean to protect the new workbooks with a password?
    At this moment that is not possible via this tool. Might be a good addition though.
    Would you use that often?

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink