Create multiple worksheet copies

Just got a question from Denice, US: Is there a way ASAP can take one worksheet and make multiple copies of it. I formatted one sheet and would like to make a lot of copies at once without doing the right click add or make copy. Does it already do this and I missed it. […]

Insert empty rows between groups

If you have columns with large amounts of repeating values sometimes it is easy to distinguish them be seperating them with a line or empty row. Last week Peter asked me: I just found your utility download for excel on the web. It is great. I'm trying to combine a couple of the utilities into […]

ASAP Utilities and the Apple Macintosh or OpenOffice

Lately I recieve a lot of email from people asking me if there is a Mac version of ASAP Utilities. Currently ASAP Utilities will only work on Windows Excel versions. Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac differ a bit. My apologies, perhaps in the future when I have a Mac myself and know how […]

Conditional row color based on a cell value

Jeremy (US) asked me a question about coloring based on a cells value: First your product ASAP Utilities is great and has been a life saver. One feature that would be outstanding is a conditional row color based on a cell value. For instance there are numerous times I have to color a row because […]

Create a colorindex table

I'm working on an ASAP Utilities User Guide. When describing some of the worksheet function that use the colorindex property, I needed a good example of all available colors. So I wrote a quick macro to create a colorindex-table but enhanced it to show the colors in the same order as it is shown in […]

How to merge rows

Last week Hugo (California) asked me to create a new tool in ASAP Utilities to create what he calls a "tickerstring". This way multiple rows in a column will be merged into the first row. But you know what? It's already available: Select the range, then in the menu select ASAP Utilities > Columns/rows > […]

Hide formula errors like N/A or #VALUE!

A question I received today from Daniel (Mexico City) : I will like to suggest you the possibility of including in the formula menu a funtion like "Hide Formula Errors" to stop the anoing NA or VALUE? Thanks for making this kind's of tools for excel, from now on hopefully I will spend less time […]

Is it possible to select by colour?

A question I received today from Daniel (Mexico City) : I will like to suggest you the possibility of including in the formula menu a funtion like "Hide Formula Errors" to stop the anoing NA or VALUE? Thanks for making this kind's of tools for excel, from now on hopefully I will spend less time […]

Sort by color with ASAP Utilities

(Update October 18, 2007: If you want an easier way to do this, see this post: Video: How to sort by color in Excel with ASAP Utilities) In Excel you can only sort by value, not by formatting such as cell colors. With ASAP Utilities you can! Here's a short example how to do sort […]

Rename ASAP Utilities directory

Yestday Graham (UK) asked me the following question: Dear Bastien, I tried to re-name the ASAP directory to avoid getting it confused with another directory used by Windows XP. I re-installed your program to another directory but now find Excel still looks for the old directory. How do I prevent Excel from looking for a […]

How to delete duplicates and leave one of them

remove duplicate rows

Just got a question from Scott: I absolutely love this program. My main reason for using this program is finding duplicate serial numbers in a list of 12,000 without having insert a conditional formula every time. I see you can select, hide, or delete all the duplicates but is there anyway to delete the duplicates […]

Roam Magazine presents the essential add-in for all Excel users

Roam Magazine

Yesterday I got an email from Peter from New Zealand: "Great utility - I got it from the Roam magazine CD. Thanks". This made me curious cause I didn' t know about the article (although the publisher should have contact me first). So I asked Peter to send me scanned copy of the article, which […]

ASAP Utilities in Russian edition of PC Magazine

"This expansion module is required for all users."

Yesterday I discovered ASAP Utilities is mentioned in the Russian edition of PC Magazine on September 15, 2005: I don't read Russian but I believe it's the same article that has been published by PC Magazine in its 2005 Ultimate Utility Guide. Russian to English translation by Google Translate: Microsoft Excel There are hundreds of […]

Extract hyperlinks

A few weeks ago I got a question about hyperlinks. A list of soccer clubs was kept in Excel (4000+). Some of them had a hyperlink some didn't. How to see this quickly? A possible solution is to show them in different colors: Private Sub ColorHyperlinks()  ' color cells with hyperlinks  Dim rngCel                                 As Range  Application.ScreenUpdating = False  For […]

Sum by cell color

Last week I got a question from Mike: Bastien, Thank you for writing ASAP Utilities. It has saved me countless hours in Excel time and has given me capabilities that I wouldn't otherwise have. I wanted to ask for some help. I noticed that in the user-defined functions for ASAP Utilities there is a function […]

Method 'Add' of object 'CommandbarControls' failed

Recently a few people reported an error when they start Excel with ASAP Utilities. In some cases it's been working okay for years and then suddenly this error popped-up. It could be caused by an old version of ASAP Utilities when the location of the favorites menu could not be found or was not properly […]

Cool Site of the Day in the Kim Komando Show

Kim Kommando

ASAP Utilities is being featured in The Kim Komando Show Cool Site of the Day on August 8, 2005. Kim Komando hosts the largest talk radio show about computers and the Internet. The program is heard on over 450 stations throughout the United States. Kim Komando's newsletter has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. For:8/8/2005 Tweak […]

Bug fixes in version 3.10

False Virus alert in sytem.asap Gone ?Some virusscanners reported a virus in the file system.asap.Of course ASAP Utilities is virus-free, but it caused a lot of "stress". The reason was caused by the codeline: insertline() which was in the System » Macro/VBA information » Code washer part. Here you can choose to remove empty lines, […]

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