Download pre-release version 4.5.4: German edition


ASAP Utilities is now also available in the German language. If you have the German language version of Excel, ASAP Utilities will now start in German (Deutsch). You can change the language in the options dialogue: ASAP Utilities » ASAP Utilities Options » ASAP Utilities options and settings... In ASAP Utilities you can now choose between the ...

Video: How to move or resize the selected range in Excel with ASAP Utilities


The following video will show you how to how to move or resize the selected range in Excel by using ASAP Utilities. With this utility you can easily move or resize your selected range of cells. This utility will only change you selected range of cells only, not the data underneath it. By default you can start this ...

Just released: ASAP Utilities 4.5.2!


The new version of ASAP Utilities, 4.5.2 May 1th 2009, has just been released. Download ASAP Utilities, 4.5.2 May 1th 2009 Most of the updates in this new version are bug-related. The bugs that were reported after the recent release of version 4.5.0 and 4.5.1. have been fixed in this new version. Furthermore a few (minor) improvements ...

New ASAP Utilities version 4.5.1 released!

ASAP Utilities 4.5

ASAP Utilities version 4.5.1 (April 11, 2009) has just been released! This new version is improved in many ways. Most of the tools have been updated, improved and redesigned. A major improvement is that you can now switch between two languages: English and Dutch (Nederlands)! You can read the full newsletter on our website: //

Review in Boost Office at home

We're proud to mention that ASAP Utilities has been reviewed by the Hungarian edition of PCWorld. On March 25 they published the article "Office szervizcsomag házilag" (Boost Office at home) on their website which is about additions of Office 2007. ASAP Utilities was listed as one of the useful additions they mentioned. Boost Office at ...

Updated pre-release version 4.3 available

Improved undo in the new version of ASAP Utilities

The past weeks I have made several improvements to the "engine" of ASAP Utilities. One of the improvements is a rewrite of the undo procedures in ASAP Utilities. When undo is available for a utility it now also works on cells with values that contain more than 1024 characters. More information and download: //

Review in PC-WELT: The smartest Office-Addons

Cover of computer magazine PC Welt 3/09

This March the German computer magazine PC WELT has an item on add-ins for Word and Excel. They call it the Microsoft Office Service Pack 2009 ;-) We're proud to mention that ASAP Utilities was listed as one of the addons; on page 49 and 50. The article translated into English: The smartest Office Addons "You work daily with ...

How to: Quickly find the utility you need

Run and find a utility

With the new version 4.3 of ASAP Utilities it will be easier to find the utility you need with the tool "Find and run a utility...". We have improved this already existing utility. The results are presented better and you can now immediately start/run the utility from the search results. If you click on the ...

How to: Remove all spaces, dashes and other garbage from numbers

I got a question from Ryan: I have a bunch of excel cells and I need them all to have no spaces and no dashes so the first one would be: 185444001 and so on. How can I use ASAP Utilities to remove all spaces and dashes? You can do this very quick with the following utility: ASAP ...

How to: Delete blank lines in a cell with multiple lines of text?

Example of cells with linebreaks

I'm sure you know you can enter a new line/line break by pressing Alt+Enter. But working with these newline characters can sometimes be a bit difficult, for example if you want to remove or replace them. If you have cells with multiple empty lines it can be difficult to quickly replace them all. Method 1: Do it ...