ASAP Utilities in Russian edition of PC Magazine

Yesterday I discovered ASAP Utilities is mentioned in the Russian edition of PC Magazine on September 15, 2005:

"This expansion module is required for all users."

I don't read Russian but I believe it's the same article that has been published by PC Magazine in its 2005 Ultimate Utility Guide.

Russian to English translation by Google Translate:

Microsoft Excel

There are hundreds of specialized plug-ins for Excel, many of which can be found on the pages of Excel at We have selected from them the most successful universal utility.

ASAP Utilities 3.08 (free) - a superb collection of 300 menu items to deselect cells to convert text-to-date and export of selected information in HTML. Many of the features roll multistep tasks such as opening a folder of the current file in Explorer, on the commands executed with a single click. With the help of others perform complex calculations. This expansion module is required for all users. (eGate Internet Solutions,

PC Magazine Rusland