Bug fixes in version 3.10

  • False Virus alert in sytem.asap Gone ?
    Some virusscanners reported a virus in the file system.asap.
    Of course ASAP Utilities is virus-free, but it caused a lot of "stress".
    The reason was caused by the codeline: insertline() which was in the System » Macro/VBA information » Code washer part. Here you can choose to remove empty lines, commentlines and the indentation from your vba modules. Do do this we used the .insertline() command. Since this caused some virusscanners to panic, we've used another approach to accomplish the same result.
  • Menu error
    Fixed problems that could occur when the location of the favorites menu could not be found or was not properly set.
  • Selection
    Fixed an annoying bug that sometimes caused to change the selection of your cells. This could happen when you selected the entire sheet or entire columns or rows.
  • System » Remove all macros/VBA from current file
    On some systems this produced a compile error. This is now solved (at least on my test-systems).
  • Objects/Comments » Comment tools
    There was a bug in the "Create report in new file" feature as comments are reported (incorrect) multiple times: Comments of the first sheet were printed again as comments belonging to the second sheet if the second sheet does not contain any comments itself. The wrong duplicates were repeated until a sheet contained a comment again.
  • Export » HTML export
    Fixed a combination that produced incorrect HTML tags (color outside <td> tag)
  • Export » Export selection or active sheet a new file
    Fixed the bug that produced an error in Excel 2003 "The command could not be completed by using the range specified. Select a single cell within the range and try the command again."

Download: //www.asap-utilities.com/p_dl.php