How to delete duplicates and leave one of them

Just got a question from Scott:

I absolutely love this program. My main reason for using this program is finding duplicate serial numbers in a list of 12,000 without having insert a conditional formula every time.
I see you can select, hide, or delete all the duplicates but is there anyway to delete the duplicates and leave one of them?

Yes there is:
ASAP Utilities » Range » Empty duplicates in selection.
This will remove the duplicates leaving one original.

If you want to delete entire rows you can specify to leave one original:
remove duplicate rows



It is a great little utility.

Rudy Gold

Using Excel 97. Will ASAP delete rows containing duplicate text (LNAME, FNAME) ??


Hello Rudy,

For duplicate rows to be deleted the data with the duplicates has to be in one column. ASAP will check that column and then remove every reoccurring row with a value that already exists.
ASAP Utilities is free to download so you can just give it a try.


Hello John,

I've listed the wrong menu options above. It should be:
ASAP Utilities » Select » Conditional row and column select, hide or delete

John Hancock

In verson 3.10C has this function moved to another selection group. I cannot see the "conditional row" item, under the "empty duplication" option. It only blanks out the cells and does not give you a choice to delete entire rows.

Thanks John

John Hancock

Thank you Bastien.. problem solved.