How to: Show more sheet-tabs in Excel

When you work with a workbook that includes many sheets, you probably want to see as many of them as possible.

One way to do this,  is by dragging the 'slider' from the horizontal scroll-bar to the right.
That will decrease the size of the horizontal scroll-bar and give more space to show the sheet-tabs:
Show more sheet-tabs in Excel

Other tips to be able to show more sheets

  1. Use short sheet names
  2. Use a high-resolution monitor. (I have a 24" monitor with a 1920x1200 resolution)
    This is in general a good tip when you use Excel a lot because it just works easier when you can see more of your information and modeling without having to scroll.
  3. Hide sheets that don't need to be read or changed. That way they won't take space.
  4. Decrease the size of the font used in the tabs. This is a general Windows setting.

More general tips

  1. Change the order of the sheets so that the sheets that you use the most are listed at the left and thus are visible.
  2. Sort the sheets so that you can easily find the one you're looking for. You can automatically sort the sheets via ASAP Utilities » Sheets » Sort all sheets...Sort all sheets
  3. Right-click on the "sheet navigation controls" |< < > >| to get Excel's popup that shows all sheets.
  4. Use ASAP Utilities » Vision Control... to get a list of all sheets in your workbook and quickly navigate to them (and see their settings).
    navigate through your worksheets
  5. Create an index page with links to all sheets. Also called "table of contents" (TOC). ASAP Utilities can do this for you.
  6. Use shortcuts: Control+PageUp to go to the previous sheet, Control+PageDown to go to the next sheet. When you do this while holding the Shift-key you can select multiple adjacent sheets.

Show the tabs on multiple rows? Unfortunately not.

A question many people have asked me and you see asked on the Internet is if it is possible to list multiple rows of worksheet tabs at the bottom in Excel.
Unfortunately that is not possible in Excel or via a macro or add-in (for as far as we know). However the above tips should certainly help.

More tips?

Do you have more tips? Then please share them by leaving a comment.



Hi Bastien,

May the Family Live 1000 Years !

Today I was using the utility "Merge Column Data (Join Cells)". Off Course everyone MOSTLY wishes to join cells where none of the columns involve Formula. In other words columns which need to be joined are NORMALLY constants. It took a long time as my Excel file contains a lot of formulas. But when I changed the calculation option to manual and used the above utility, it was a breeze.

Suggestion (Obvious) : If using any of the utilities from ASAP utilities, calculation option is set to manual by the ASAP utilities (and again changed to automatic after the completion of the desired process), it would speed us quite a lot.

Just a thought !

Sincere Regards
CA Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna


Hi Bastien,

May the Family Live 1000 Years !

Are you there. Hope everything is well ! Must be coming with something surprising !

Sincere Regards
CA Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna


Hello Kanwaljit,

Thank you for your feedback.

All well here. I'm sorry I haven't responded to your question yet.
It is quite busy and licensed users get priority support, so some other question take a bit longer to get answered.
In general most the tools use the calculation mode setting to speed it up.
We're currently finalizing the new version and I'll check the settings for this particular tool too.

Kind regards,
Bastien Mensink

Next time, can you please keep the comment related to the blog-article and send a non-related question by email?