So much spam these days

It has been on of those 'spam-periods' again. My inbox this morning:

Fortunately most spam is detected and all virussus are removed, but still a lot of rubbish comes through the filters.
I use Outlook 2003 and I have also tried Thunderbird (Mozilla) but still too much spam comes through in both mail clients.

My list of companies never to buy from is getting big! ;-)

4 Responses to “So much spam these days”

  1. If you're managing your own mailserver, you could take a look at SpamAssassin — it won't delete it, but you can tag it and choose to run a rule on everything it tags (such as moving it to a Spam folder, and then periodically review & delete everything from that folder).

    Thanks for your invaluable tools… I've passed them on to many people and they're always amazed. I even held a session to teach my coworkers how to use it!

  2. I recommend SpamBayes. It's efficient, stable, GPL'ed and available on Sourceforge ( I use it for several years now without a single problem.

  3. Thank you,

    It has already become a lot less. It seems that now and then when a new virus/worm comes out, I seem to be one of the targets since my asap-utilities address is in a lot of addressbooks.

  4. In my outlook express mailbox, I've been getting dozens of spam messages with goofy, nonsense subject lines. Like "doore inter suds" or "Harold box tooth". They seem to be designed to defeat keyword spam filters. I don't operate the mail server – I get my mail through a popular ISP. Anyone else seeing this?