Create multiple worksheet copies

Just got a question from Denice, US:
Is there a way ASAP can take one worksheet and make multiple copies of it. I formatted one sheet and would like to make a lot of copies at once without doing the right click add or make copy.
Does it already do this and I missed it. Or can you add that to the next version?
I love the add-in tremendously!!!!

Here's the way to do it.

You have the sheet you want to have copied, say Sheet A.
Now create a new worksheet and type in the names for the new sheets you want to have. (for example 1 to 10). (you can use the ASAP Utilities » Fill » Quicknumber... utility for this)

Then select those cells and in the menu choose:
ASAP Utilities » Sheets » Add sheets (with the names defined in selected cells)...

Now select Sheet A to use as a template and press "ok"

Ten copies of your sheet wil be made:

I've originally developed this utility when I needed to setup workbooks to register working hours and have a worksheet for every week number.

Alternatively the ASAP Utilities » Format » Copy a sheet's page and print settings... might also be useful when dealing with a large amount of the same worksheets.

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  1. Hi
    I was going throught your site, it has so many utilities and info that are helpful to so many lay people like me.
    I was wondering whether there is a way to Split a large csv or text file with over million lines or so into multiple sheets in a same file??
    If the ASAP utilities does not have it already, it would be great if you can add something like this in your later releases.

  2. Hello Sunny,

    Good idea, I have already developed a tool for my own use when
    I needed it years ago. I will have to dig that up, spice it up and
    it would be a nice new feature in ASAP Utilities.

    How is your text-file separated?

    Here is a link from MS about importing large textfiles:;EN-US;q120596

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  3. I love your Beta tool and as I have come across various issues, you seem to fix them before I get to email you. I believe that I may have a good addition to your tool arsinal.

    A find and replace Cell Format. Ex. I have number format that have #,##0.0);[Red](#,##0.0);-? and need to change the entire workbook to #,##0.0);(#,##0.0);-?. The option can be to: entire workbook, range, sheet. I think that this would be a pretty cool addition.

    Keep up the amazing stuff you are doing.


  4. Hi,

    I m using the tool for the first time to copy a worksheet mulitple times. everything went fine but the headers and footer of the source is not copied to the multiple worksheet created by this tool. Please advice how to do it.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hello Madan,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I cannot reproduce the problem. If I use the tool, the header and footer of the selected source sheet copied to the new created sheets too.
    Do you have this error all the time or just with a specific workbook?

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  6. Hi Bastien,

    Thanks for you reply. I have tried with a test work book and surprise to say its working. So I guess its the problem with this specified workbook. Any idea the reason for not working?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hello Madan,

    I'm not sure why it is not working with the specific file. Can you perhaps send me an email with the example of the workbook that doesn't work. (You can make all the sheets empty before you send it so that is contains no confidential information.)

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  8. Hi Bastien,

    Thanks for the quick response. I have managed to resolve the problem which is due to some Macro running on the worksheet. Thanks once again.

    I have another request , dose this utility has feature of displaying an amount in words.. i.e for example i have a value in currency "1,23,456" Rupees (Indian Currency) , i want to display as "One Lakh twenty three thousand and Four Hundred and Fifty Six Only".

    Please advice.

  9. Hello Madan,

    I'm glad you got it sorted out.

    In the spell number tool you can use a custom currency:

    If you have more questions, not subject to this "Create multiple worksheet copies" article please send me an email.

    Kind regards,
    Bastien Mensink

  10. This is a killer utility. Thank you so much for the work you have put into this!

  11. Hello,
    I've been using ASAP for a while now but I've run into a problem that I can't seem to fix with ASAP.

    Is there a way to copy the content for a sheet into other sheets?
    Like making one template, and then coping the content to sheets with different names?

    Thank you,

  12. Hello Derry,

    You can do this just as in the example above.
    First create a template sheet.
    Then create a list of names for the new sheets.
    Select these names, start the utility and use your template sheet to create the new sheets.

    Kind regards,

  13. Thank you!!!

    I feel really silly now, I never say that drop down before!
    I've been too busy clicking!!!