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Format » Copy a sheet's page and print settings...

With this tool you can easily copy the page and print settings from a worksheet to other worksheets.

You can copy the following properties:
  • Rows to repeat at top
  • Columns to repeat at left
  • Print area
  • Header left
  • Header right
  • Footer left
  • Footer center
  • Footer right
  • Margin left
  • Right margin
  • Center header
  • Top margin
  • Bottom margin
  • Header margin
  • Footer margin
  • Row and column headings
  • Gridlines
  • Printing quality
  • Center on page horizontally
  • Orientation
  • Draft quality
  • Paper size
  • Print comments
  • First page number
  • Print in black and white
  • Order
  • Zoom/scaling
  • Center on page vertically
  • Scale to fit page

    The speed of this utility might vary, depending on the type of printer(driver) that is set as default when the tool is executed.
    Starting from Excel XP/2002 you can also insert a picture in the header or footer. Unfortunately this is something that cannot be copied to other worksheets by using a macro. So if you have a picture in the header or footer it will not be copied with this tool in ASAP Utilities. From the Microsoft website: "The only way to work with pictures in headers or footers for multiple worksheets is to select all the worksheets, and then insert a graphic by using the Insert Picture dialog box (click the Insert Picture button), or format the graphic by using the Format Picture dialog box (click the Format Picture button). The original graphic file is needed for this procedure."


    Format » Copy a sheet's page and print settings...

    Starting this utility

    In the Excel menu choose: ASAP Utilities » Format » Copy a sheet's page and print settings...

    « Return to the list of “Format” tools.
    « Previous
    Insert sheet(s) name in selected cell(s)
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    Insert workbook's path and name in header, footer or cell...
    Additional keywords for this tool:
    page setup, copy page formatting, page setup for all worksheets, apply format to all worksheets, copy page formats to all worksheets

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