Excel file loads slowly the first time that it is opened in Excel

General Excel question:

Recently I have been getting this same question by several customers. If they open a file in Excel, the first time it takes a very long time. If they then save the file and open it again it loads much faster.

This occurs when you open an Excel file that has been made in an earlier version of Excel. The first time you open a file that was last saved in a previous version of Excel, the file is completely recalculated. For example if you open a file that was created in Excel 2000 in Excel 2003 all the formulas are fully recalculated. If you have a large workbook with many formulas this could take a significant amount of time.

After you save the workbook in the later version of Excel, the workbook will take less time to open the next time.

Details on this in the Microsoft Knowledgebase (KB210162): http://support.microsoft.com/?...KB210162

Excel calculations secrets by Decision Models: http://www.decisionmodels.com/calcsecrets.htm

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