Pre-release ASAP Utilities version 4.2.1 RC3

I have just published a new pre-release of the new version of ASAP Utilities. It is ready for download and testing.

In this update have made a few small improvements and added a new worksheet function that make creating strong passwords easy:

=ASAPRandomPassword(length, use_symbols)
This new function will return a strong password which contains of
  - both uppercase and lowercase letters
  - numbers
  - symbols, such as ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) [ ] \ / < > : - = + _

lenght:       The length of the password. If omited the length will be 8 characters. If the length given is less then 8, still a password of 8 characters will be returned.
use_symbols:  Use symbols in the password. Recommended for strong passwords. If omitted the password will contain symbols (special characters)

Examples of created passwords:
=asaprandompassword()                        4j:4Js29
=asaprandompassword(8,FALSE)          dvU57E6u
=asaprandompassword(8,TRUE)           -\D5t0:3
=asaprandompassword(14,FALSE)         55GHo1sM85j9Le
=asaprandompassword(14,TRUE)          89eTgLq\_46woE

This function can be easy if you need a random password, or for example of you are a system administrator and need to create 50 random passwords for new email addresses.
Example of the function =asaprandompassword()

Furthermore I have updated some code in the ribbon because Excel apparently didn't use its own functions correctly, even though I used it just as documented by MS.

Excel 2007 ribbon
I have removed the dynamic getScreentip for the buttons. This caused empty Visual Basic popups when you wanted to customize the ribbon (quick access toolbar, qat) and choose "all commands". The same goes for the getImage tag. If you first select the ASAP Utilities tab and then customize the ribbon it is okay, if you directly customize the ribbon you will still see one empty Visual Basic error. However this error has no effect on how things work.


Download via the ASAP Utilities FAQ

3 Responses to “Pre-release ASAP Utilities version 4.2.1 RC3”

  1. As you have been played with random things lately (I can see), I've one suggestion for a new random functionality in ASAP utilities: (Atleast I) would find it useful if there's a simply way to fill cells with a random number between given range of numbers. To put it another way: fill cells A1:A10 with a random number between 1000-9999.

  2. Hello Keorke,

    I generally use Excel's built in function for this.

    If you have the Analysis toolpack installed you can use the function =RANDBETWEEN(), for example:

    Otherwise you can also use a function such as:

    Kind regards,

  3. Thanks Bastien,

    I've also used Excel's functions for this, but not like that (not in that easy way). Thanks again.