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Changes in version 4.2.1 - November 14, 2007

Published: September 28, 2007 (latest revision Januari 21, 2009)
reference id: QA0161


On November 14, 2007 the new version 4.2.1 is released. Download

Update information

At this moment there are a few known bugs in version 4.2.0

These have been fixed in version 4.2.1 which I'm currently developing and of which you can download a pre-release:
ASAPUtilities_setup_4-2-1_RC6_NoManual.exe 1.9 MB (October 30, 2007)


  • Fill » Random numbering of cells (without duplicates)
    Improved speed
  • ASAP Utilities Options » (Re) build the ASAP Utilities favorites menu toolbar
    Create or update a toolbar with the buttons/tools from your favorites menu. The toolbar is automatically updated when you change your favorites menu or your shortcuts to the tools from ASAP Utilities
    (Re) build the ASAP Utilities favorites menu toolbar
  • Format » Copy a sheet's page and print settings...
    Slightly improved speed. Furthermore it displays the current printer at the bottom. The speed of changing the page-setup in Excel might depend on the printer you currently have active. I will write more about this...
    The speed of changing the page-setup in Excel might depend on the printer you currently have active
  • =ASAPRandomPassword(length, use_symbols)
    This new function will return a strong password which contains of
      - both uppercase and lowercase letters
      - numbers
      - symbols, such as ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) [ ] \ / < > : - = + _

    lenght:       The length of the password. If omitted the length will be 8 characters. If the length given is less then 8, still a password of 8 characters will be returned.
    use_symbols:  Use symbols in the password. Recommended for strong passwords. If omitted the password will contain symbols (special characters)

    Examples of created passwords:
    =asaprandompassword()                        4j:4Js29
    =asaprandompassword(8,FALSE)          dvU57E6u
    =asaprandompassword(8,TRUE)           -\D5t0:3
    =asaprandompassword(14,FALSE)         55GHo1sM85j9Le
    =asaprandompassword(14,TRUE)          89eTgLq\_46woE

    This function can be easy if you need a random password, or for example of you are a system administrator and need to create 50 random passwords for new email addresses.
    Example of the function =asaprandompassword()
  • Format » The smart difference...
    Contains a new option to apply colorbanding. Based on the information of data in a column you can have alternate colors to visualize the differences of data-groups.
    The smart difference contains a new option to apply colorbanding to groups
  • General
    A few small improvements.

Bugs fixed

  • Sheets » Freeze panes on multiple sheets at once
    Improved. The wrong range was freezed when the selected range on the other sheet was not in the "visible area". This is now fixed
  • System » Save file and create backup
    Fixed the bug where in Excel 2007 the point was removed before the extension in the name of the backup. When the filename had an extension that was not 3 characters, for example xlsx in stead of xls it goes wrong. For example book1.xlsx became in the backup folder: Book1 (backup 2007-10-01 08.25.31)xlsx; no point before xlsx.
  • Excel 2007 ribbon
    I have removed the dynamic getScreentip for the buttons. This caused empty Visual Basic popups when you wanted to customize the ribbon (quick access toolbar, qat) and choose "all commands". The same goes for the getImage tag. If you first select the ASAP Utilities tab and then customize the ribbon it is okay, if you directly customize the ribbon you will still see one empty Visual Basic error. However this error has no effect on how things work.
  • Excel 2007 on Windows XP
    Fixed the statup delay in Windows XP + Excel 2007 when opening a file through the Windows Explorer.
  • General
    Fixed a few small bugs and typing errors.

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