Now available: ASAP Utilities 4.2.8

Delete all objects in selected worksheets

Yesterday the new version of ASAP Utilities was officially released. You can read the details in the newsletter or you can immediately proceed to the download page. Besides several bugfixes, these are two new things: Objects & Comments » Delete all objects on current worksheetThis utility can now be used on multiple worksheets and has […]

Keep leading and remove only the trailing spaces

Jeff recently asked: I really like your product but just came upon a capability it is missing: Delete trailing spaces (but keep all other spaces). I expect it would be simple enough to add; would you? I never expected anyone to need a tool to only remove the trailing spaces but he needs it on […]

Add trailing zeros


Max asked the following: Can the "Fill > fill up with leading zero's" option under be made to work on leading or trailing zeros? For instance, if I have three numbers: 1 12 123 I would run the option to fill them with trailing zeros so they would look like: 1000 1200 1230 We want […]

Soon to be released: version 4.2.8


While I'm working on the next big updated version (4.3), a few people have found some bugs in version 4.2.6 and 4.2.7 that I've now fixed in version 4.2.8. More information and download of the pre-release: // Version 4.2.7 was released on September 3rd. However a newsletter hasn't been sent out yet. I plan on […]

Replace formulas with their calculated results in multiple sheets

It's time to update this blog more often. I will do this by writing about questions I answered by email and that might be interesting for others too. Tom asked: Formula » Convert formulas to their values: I was hoping you could tell me if there is there a way to do this for all […]