How to: Quickly find the utility you need

Run and find a utility

With the new version 4.3 of ASAP Utilities it will be easier to find the utility you need with the tool "Find and run a utility...". We have improved this already existing utility. The results are presented better and you can now immediately start/run the utility from the search results. If you click on the […]

How to: Remove all spaces, dashes and other garbage from numbers

I got a question from Ryan: I have a bunch of excel cells and I need them all to have no spaces and no dashes so the first one would be: 185444001 and so on. How can I use ASAP Utilities to remove all spaces and dashes? You can do this very quick with the […]

How to: Delete blank lines in a cell with multiple lines of text?

Example of cells with linebreaks

I'm sure you know you can enter a new line/line break by pressing Alt+Enter. But working with these newline characters can sometimes be a bit difficult, for example if you want to remove or replace them. If you have cells with multiple empty lines it can be difficult to quickly replace them all. Method 1: […]

How to: Remove all blank rows at once

If you have a lot of data it can be difficult to identify and remove the empty rows. There is no way in standard Excel to quickly remove all empty rows* so it can be a time-consuming job. You need to use a macro for that. Empty rows in your table can cause problems with […]