Download pre-release version 4.5.4: German edition

bordersign-bundesrepublik-deutschlandASAP Utilities is now also available in the German language.
If you have the German language version of Excel, ASAP Utilities will now start in German (Deutsch). You can change the language in the options dialogue: ASAP Utilities » ASAP Utilities Options » ASAP Utilities options and settings...


In ASAP Utilities you can now choose between the English, Dutch and German language.

Besides adding the new language, there also also a few bugs fixed in this new version that I'm currently developing and of which you can download a pre-release.



2 Responses to “Download pre-release version 4.5.4: German edition”

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    Error message acts, is right.
    My question is the following, that one
    on account of this error message (1309) perhaps on
    a list of approx. 1000 error messages should be able to fall back, around this mistake repair independently
    to be able, that these required data,
    but 'off-line' can never be worked on,
    just only for this purpose by Internet connection would have to be requested.

    Yours sincerely

    Cicero Korten

  2. Hello Cicero,

    Can you rewrite your question? I have no idea when you're asking for.

    Kind regards,