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Changes in version 4.5.4 - September 1, 2009

Date: September 1, 2009
reference id: QA0210


On September 1, 2009 the new version 4.5.4 is released. Download

New features

  • German borderGerman language added
    All the tools are also available in the German language (Deutsch) now. If you have the German language of Excel, ASAP Utilities will now start in German.
    You can change the language in the options dialogue: ASAP Utilities » ASAP Utilities Options » Settings, language and contact information...
    Note: Only ASAP Utilities itself it translated at this moment. The setup is still  in English and so is our website.
  • ASAP Utilities Options » Report the estimated time that is saved by ASAP Utilities
    This tool creates a report in a new workbook with in it the tools you have used. It shows how many times you have used those tools and how much time this has approximately saved you.
    You can enter your hourly rate to estimate how much money you have saved. (Only completely executed tools are counted.) There is also a link for each of the reported tools to the description on this website.
    You can also use this report to show friends/colleagues which tools you use the most.
    Report the estimated time saved by ASAP Utilities
  • Columns & Rows » Autofit row height (also for merged cells)
    This tool adjusts the rowheight in the selected cells so that you can read or print the entire content of the cells. In addition to the standard functionality in Excel this tool also adjusts the height properly on merged cells (where 'wrap text' is set). (In Excel itself the auto adjusting of the row height often doesn't work properly on merged cells.)
  • Text » Advanced character remove or replace...
    Character code 1 and 2 are added so these can be removed or replaced now too.
  • Import » Insert Excel file...
    Besides the standard Excel files, you can now also (depending on your Excel version) insert HTML, XML and ODC files.
  • Import » Merge and/or import multiple files...
    Besides the standard Excel files, you can now also (depending on your Excel version) insert HTML, XML and ODC files.
  • Select » Select cells based on content, formatting and more...
    Instead of selection a source cell, you can now also select cells based on the font size by entering a number (the font size) instead of a reference to a cell where the font size is read from.
  • Excel 2010 Protected View
    ASAP Utilities will now show a friendly message when you try to use one of the tools on a document that is openend in "Protected View" in Excel 2010 (technical preview).

Bugs fixed

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